Set of side tables in tempered glass - Ice

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  • Glass table.
  • Made of tempered glass.
  • Made up of 3 parts. 

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Crystal TypeTempered glass
Board length42cm
Big table height42.5cm
Medium table height39.5cm
Small table height36.5cm
Units per box1
Approximate weight35kg

The set of three "Plotu Glass" side tables is a wonderful addition to your space. These tables, with their elegant tempered glass surfaces, add a touch of sophistication and versatility to your home. Their modern and minimalist design makes them ideal to adapt to various needs and decoration styles. Whether you use them as a set or separately, these side tables offer the functionality you need without compromising on style. With "Plotu Glass", you can create multiple configurations to accommodate your needs in a practical and aesthetic way.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is a material that has been heat treated to increase its resistance compared to ordinary glass. In addition to its high resistance, its safety lies in the fact that when it breaks, it does so in compact shapes with rounded edges, avoiding pointed shapes that could cause damage.

Modern style

The modern style is characterized by clean and pure lines. The colors that are most successful are the light ones, with white and gray being the most used, although dark colors are also seen. Calm, organization and luminosity are some of the sensations that your modern rooms will have.